Designed for Adults to overcome their fear of the water by first understanding their concept towards water – Often referred as their mindset towards swimming. This for most adults can be the biggest lesson to understand, One that Coach Adam Dredge covers in his program.

We must start with one’s self concept which is a collection of beliefs from our past about oneself going forwards into the future.

These beliefs are constructed from experience and the influences both past and present in our thinking, we become what we think to be true of ourselves.

The idea of self concept is very much linked to the theory of positive thinking and manifestation and the theory of cause and effect and the law of attraction.

“What we think is possible is often the case” Learning How to Change our concept is vital.

There is a direct relationship between the individual current state of mind and there Self concept, because the premise is that you will only ever do as well as you believe yourself to be capable of doing, creating a commitment to action is what we must stride for in order to take positive action.

Moreover, positive thinking is inherently more powerful than negative thinking because negative thinking will only bring further doubt and negativity into our life, in Swimming this is often the case.

The Principle of self concept, it that our self limiting beliefs determine our progress and our potential with Learning How to Swim especially as we get older. We use our age as a negative factor, This is why Coach Adam Dredge Chose Mike Trebilcock from Axminster, Devon who is 77 Years of Age as the idea Candidate for His Warp Speed Swimming System to show first had how age does not matter when it comes to learning how to swim.

The Key Factor is the motivation of the individual to give it a go, without thinking to much about the process…

At this point in your life, you would have formed a Self concept on information you have accepted as truth, this includes your past experience of swimming.

This information may have had a negative knock on effect of your experience of swimming all together, Up this point so far anyway.

This often means that an individual will stay away from swimming all together, it so easy to see how small, seemingly insignificant events can manifest themselves and take on a life of their own through adulthood until one day, we start to wonder what if?

Other people self concept – Imprinted on us. (Parents Beliefs)

You may have grown up with parents who did not swim, you may have developed the ideas or beliefs from your parents about the possibilities of swimming, you might have aspirations now of being able to swim, but you will have to get past these self limiting beliefs instilled in your psyche by your parents. This miss information made you believe that you don’t have the inherent ability to learn how to swim because Inherent Psyche towards water.

To many we aren’t conscious of this concept until we reach our 30’s or 40’s when we begin to realize that actually we do have the potential and abilities to achieve desired goals within us, our desires to conquer our fears or phobias, this is why we see so many people change carer paths or make very drastic changes to the course of their lives in later years.

Life can often lead us to taking a new path, or undertaking a new challenge....

Once we start to accept, that often we can change our beliefs, change our thinking towards learning how to swim, We can Start the first Step towards accomplishing our goal.

Taking Action:

It is very easy for seemingly minor events in early life to limit our outlook on our abilities and potential the important thing is not to let a negative self concept control your life.

You cannot behave in a way that is much different from your subconscious programming any more than a computer can desire to disregard its programming software.

How to change our Self Concept?

It is so important that we take a positive call for action to step outside our comfort zone and into the present moment of possibility to change our Self concept of the very now.

To be Open to the Possibilities of how long will it take me to learn how to swim.

But How?

With Self Therapy, when we analyse self concept it is easy to see how positive thinking, visualisation and proactive living can change the fortune and the outcomes of our current life.

It is of paramount importance that we identify any tendencies holding us back, we need to be honest with ourselves and recognise these old software programs within us need to change to help us grow into a confident and determined adult going forward.

By becoming fully aware of how our minds work, we are able to gain the inner engineering required to remap and retrain the subconscious – Starting all over in the water is the first step of a new beginning, The first Step can be the hardest for many Adults to undertake!!

You need to open your mind to thinking about your life in a positive new way using water as a vehicle to move from A to B – This will open doors to both Exercise and Social benefits.

As you read this, you will have moments of insight when suddenly you will become conscious of your beliefs and patters within your mindset, you will notice which pattern support you and the ones you need to change in order to progress with your New Swimming Journey. At we want to show you the steps required to swim freely without paying hundreds or thousands of pounds for 1 to 1 lessons….

Look around you, how many things can you see right where you are sitting that began as a thought in someone’s mind? Did they stop at the first hurdle? They kept that original Image or idea firmly fixed in there mind – Until is finally become reality.

This is the key to success, recognising that inside your mind, right where you are sitting is the key to unlocking your potential to Learning How to Swim within Weeks.

Are you Ready to begin Now?

Your mind is like a computer but it’s only as useful as the program that it’s running it.

And these programs are made up of your most frequent thoughts and most tightly held beliefs both from youth and adult hood, these programs can be altered and removed if we are prepared to accept they need to be altered or removed forever.

The unconscious mind is not logical, It doesn’t stop and think about what you want or what’s best for you in the future.

It does whatever it’s been programmed to do. In fact, your mind will now allow you to deviate from the programs you hold in your unconscious that they perceive to be the truth.

Psychological and scientific theory abounds as to why things work in a particular way.

Psychologists tend to explain that talking about the reticular activating system as part of your mind enable you to filter out most of your environmental stimuli and only notice those things that seem relevant to your safety or highest values to which you believe to be the truth. This is our Mindset to our current Situation to which we are faced with.

Behaviourists agree that you get more of what you focus on, they tend to assert that your beliefs and predominant emotional states matter only in as much as they affect your external behaviour, those behaviours in turn will create results in the world around you creating a self fulfilling prophecy effect.

Scientists, in the field of quantum physics have a different explanation, they explain that everything in the universe from our thoughts and language to our bodies and the physical world around us – is essentially made up of atoms and molecules vibrating at a particular energy frequency – this is the basic rule of thumb when it comes to energy is know as the law of attraction.

Our thoughts are like magnets, and what we focus on consistently becomes attracted to us

As human beings we can change the frequency and vibration consciously in our mind, which makes it akin to a dynamic magnet. The more we concentrate on a single thought, the more we magnetise it with our energy and it starts to pull towards us everything with similar vibrations. This includes our fear of the water over the years!!!

Think mostly positive thoughts and your life will reflect positivity internally and externally. Think sad thoughts and you will feel sad and attract people, places, things and circumstances that make you feel sad. Do you see how powerful your mind is?

Focus on what you want to magnetise it to you, is how we must start to act.

The law of association plays its part on all levels, including on the thought level. Thought is one of the highest forms of organised energy and through thought, everything else can be influenced.

Hold a strong magnet near a piece of iron and suddenly the iron is charged with the same vibration which turns it into a magnet too. Combine multiple magnets together and the magnetic force of all of them combined cause them to become more powerful and attract things even further away.

The beautiful thing with thought is that distance does not define or limit it. We can be anywhere on earth, in the solar system, in our galaxy, or anywhere in the universe, and our thoughts travel through the ether seeking and harmonising with similar vibrations.

Another way of thinking about it is a specific frequency is played on a speaker. In a row, there are 3 tuning forks. Only one of them starts to vibrate because it resonates and harmonises with the sound coming from the speaker. The rest are seemingly unaffected.

Remember, you attract what you think about most of the time. Your mind is like a magnet, so be conscious of what you want to create in your life.

We know how the mind can dictate a lot of negative thoughts and emotions over time.

And often we adults hold onto these fears.

We know that children as little as 2 or 3 years of age, are able to float in water.

Would we let a 3 year old drive us home?

Would we let a 3 year old give us advice?

Would we trust a 3 year old with anything?

Adults my be embarrassed that they have not yet learned how to swim, and may lack some confidence is understanding, often Adults tend to be very analytical and concerned about details i.e. worried about technique of the stroke.

This is opposite with children who want to play and have fun in water, children don’t worry about the technique when having fun, Having Fun has a certain Exploring and Discovery attached to it, but they learn to let go.

The key point here, once children relax into their swimming, they become fearless.



This point of having fun sounds simple enough, having fun means relaxing in the water, when we relax we let go…. All the time we remain tense we are looking for an exit strategy, looking to lift our head up, or put our feet down. This means we remain nervous. Unsure what floating and buoyancy is in the water, When we learn to float, we take control of our fears and phobias – We created the perfect environment for us to move or complete basic stroke of swimming in a forward direction.

Floating can be achieved within 5-8 Weeks, if we utilising the Mindfulness approach found on the Fear of the water Training CD., the CD takes the swimmer to a relaxing state….

If we learn to cultivate a relax state, we can learn to float on the water with limited fear.

This means exploring the water, in a Fun and relaxing manner in layman terms this mean floating, gliding and discovery. If the swimmer relaxes, they are more likely to enjoy the experience.

Before going on to treading water and sculling, this is covering a basic Survival Principle. (EXPLORING) is Designed to put the Adult Mindset as ease, but this is done as an Exploring Exercise only.

Treading Water is part of water safety which is a basic swimming technique where the individual use quick horizontal movements of the hands in the water to maintain your head above the water surface.

Try to keep your hands at shoulder level by quickly sculling (pulling back and forth with your hands)

If you imagine driving in a car on the motorway, you put your hand outside the window, the wind pushes your arm and down by changing the orientation of your hand against the wind, this is a similar affect with sculling in water, with your arms sideways below the surface, your elbows slightly bent, the swimmer rotates there forearms 45 degrees forward and move your hands forward, pushing the water forward and downwards with your hands, remember to keep your arms close to the water surface.

When your hands are about to touch in front of you, rotate your forearms backward and move your hands outward and backward. You will now push water downwards and backwards.

Once you cannot move your hands further backwards, reverse the direction and move your hands forward. Your hands should work within a circumference area.

The pressure of your forearms and palms against the water creates a lift and allows you to keep your head above the water surface.


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