Welcome to the SWIM18 we are constantly look for ways to be creative and imaginative, above all we want your to be free from Fear of the water.


If you ever wanted to fulfil a life long dream of learning to swim without spending thousands of pounds on 1 to 1 lessons, or if you have spent money and have not progressed? Then look no further.


Starting with our Award Winning Warp Speed Swimming System…


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking action today.

THE WARP SPEED SWIMMING SYSTEM is tailored for Adults Specifically..

The system includes Home Exercises to help with a range of movement that adults can practice, away from the pool. Designed to help adults get into the right frame of mind prior to going swimming...


The system focus on 5 key Concepts


1. Stretching and Basic Movements


2. Breathing and Floating


3. Rotation and Sculling


4. Basic Travel Movements


5. Basic Techniques

Phone: +44 (0)7478838848

Adam Dredge

Escourt,  Roman Rd, Kilmington

EX13 7RZ

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